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RED 24

March 17th - 23rd 2024

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Cyprien Verseux

ZARM Research Scientist
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Biological life-support systems, in situ resource utilization, space microbiology, Mars exploration

Cyprien Verseux leads the Laboratory of Applied Space Microbiology at the ZARM (University of Bremen, Germany). His research group develops bioprocesses in support of future crewed missions to Mars. During his doctoral research, he contributed to astrobiology projects including the EXPOSE-R2 space mission. He also conducted field work, most notably during a one-year appointment as the Station Leader and as Glaciologist at the Concordia research station (Antarctica) and as Crew Biologist in the one-year, NASA-funded HI-SEAS IV mission (Mauna Loa volcano, Hawaii).

ZARM, University of Bremen – Am Fallturm 2 28357 Bremen Germany