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RED 24

March 17th - 23rd 2024

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Carmen Possnig

Medical doctor, Member of ESA astronaut reserve
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Cerebral blood flow and ocular blood flow in simulated microgravity. Human physiology in extreme environments, hypoxia, diurnal rhythm, bed rest, cognitive functions

Carmen Possnig is a medical doctor and PhD candidate in space physiology at the University of Innsbruck. Before starting her PhD, she spent a year as the European Space Agency Research Medical Doctor at Concordia Station in Antarctica, investigating how humans adapt to extreme environments. Her current research focuses on how the human cardiovascular system and eyesight changes in microgravity, with the aim of keeping astronauts healthy and fit on future spaceflights to the Moon and Mars. Since 2022, she is a member of the European Space Agency’s astronaut reserve.
Credit photo: © EFA – Marko Risovic

University of Innsbruck – Fürstenweg 189, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria