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RED 24

March 17th - 23rd 2024

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Daniele Pinti

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Noble gas geochemistry, hydrothermalism, volcanology, groundwater dating

Daniele L. Pinti is a noble gas isotope geochemist working on numerous subjects related to crustal fluids. He is presently the director of Geotop, one of the largest geoscience-oriented research centers in Canada and professor at the Earth and atmospheric sciences department of the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). In 1993 he obtained a PhD at Université de Paris VI for a PhD in noble gas geochemistry applied to oil resources. In 1996, he joined the Earth and Planetary Science group at Osaka University for a post doctorate on Archean Geology, developing nitrogen isotopes as isotopic biomarkers with studies in Western Australia, Greenland, and South Africa. From 1999 to 2004 was assistant professor at the Université de Paris SUD working on K-Ar dating. In 2004 he joined the UQAM where he built a noble gas laboratory. Since 2014, he is actively working on geothermal resources with projects in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Iceland, La Reunion, Hawaii and Japan. He authored more than 100 scientific papers.

Geotop, Centre de recherche sur la dynamique du système Terre – UQAM – Montreal